Procurement Process and Services

We provide procurement services through our process and activities from sourcing ,purchasing,negotiation and acquisition which included mainly supply chain risk management ,suistanbilty etc. We focus on the following key aspects of a procurement organization: strategy, Time and process & tools

Vendor Identification, Evaluation and Assessment

  • Supplier Reasearch
  • Capability Assessment

Order Execution and Implementation

  • Technical agreement
  • Order /Sales Contract
  • Follow up Sales Order and Appropriate information
  • Timely Delivery Solution
  • Inspection Analysis and Report
  • Trade Documentation
  • Assistance in Logistics

Sourcing and Negotiations

  • Strategy Development
  • Process Management
  • Negotiations

Quality and Service

  • Provide Real time and Acurate Quotes.
  • Procurement through Identified and Evaluated Vendors.
  • Ordering process and Implementation.
  • Shipping Logistic and Documentation
  • Assistance and execution in customer clearance process
  • Timely Delivery Solutions.
  • Basic Installation and Deplyoment
  • Management and Lifecycle Services

Procurement Process and Cycle